dizzy virus?

is there a virus going around that can make you dizzy? No other symptoms.
17:11 Thu 22nd Jun 2006
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its probably a touch of vertigo,your doc can give you a few pills to clear it up
Thank goodness someone else has the same ! Yes I had dizzy spells, lasted a few weeks, I thought there was something bad going on - then they stopped...!
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A guy at work has just had a week off with exactly those symptoms. Wierd virus and not one I've ever heard of.......everyone thought it were bulls´┐Ż!t......looks like it wasn't eh!

If his account of the virus was anything to go by, you shouldn't worry - it should clear up and you'll be rite as rain in a few days
I suffered this about 3 years ago and was told it was a virus and when I tried to walk, I couldn't walk in a straight line, kept stumbling. Lasted about 3 week, be careful if you are driving and if you have any other symptoms please see a Dr.
Are you anxious? Anxiety can cause dizzy spells.
How strange - I too went to the doctors with this. He said it was labrynthitis. I got pills and I was OK..
oh my gosh, ive got the same thing. The othe day i was walking and suddenly i went all dizzy and my whole body leant on a wall on the right. I get them soo bad. They aint stopped yet. If u go doctor let me know what he/ she says please
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hi sizzlesquid - i've been sent home from work as i feel i'm moving even if i'm sat still! I'm at the docs at ten past four - will let you know how i've gone on.
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well i've just got back and it is labyrinthitis, as denise s. stated.
She gave me prochlorpoerazine to take for fifteen days. Sadly, it's my leaving do at work tonight, and it says to avoid drink.
I don't know what to do now - start them tomorrow or risk a drink with the tablet. What d'yall think?

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