Finding out where someone is buried.

This may seem rather a morbid question. I lost touch a long time ago with a school friend and have since heard that she died a couple of years ago. I would love to pay my respects, but don't know how to find out where someone may be buried or cremated and had their ashes interned. I am sure the death certificate will only tell me where she died.
18:44 Fri 03rd Feb 2006
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Have you though of Friends Reunited? Maybe a mutual friend will know?They may have gone to the funeral.
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Yes, I have been down this route. Don't know even know where her family are now living etc and no mutual friends. She attended my mums funeral years ago and I have never forgotten it. Just want to pay my respects.
If you know when they person died, you could try contacting the Cemeteries Dept of the local council. They can look in the burial registers and tell you where they are.
If you know the town she was living in you could search the local paper for obituraries which may say when/where funeral was/is. Or you could go to your local records office and search under deaths- although they may not be updated yet.
The chances are that your friend was buried or cremated in the parish where she was last living, or, if she had not lived there for very long, in the parish where she lived previously.

Such a place may or may not be where she died, of course, and her death will have been registered at the register office applicable to the place of her death. As long as she died no later than December 2003, and in England, I may very well be able to find out for you where her death was registered. But you would need to tell me her full name (married name if she was married). If her name is a fairly commonly occurring name it would help also to know her birthday, or at least the year of her birth.
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Robert G. Any info would be great. I do happen to remember her birthday from school days, which was 15 September 1965. Her maiden name was Wendy Elizabeth Hurst, her married name would have been Hawkins (think I have the correct spelling). I know she lived in the Caversham, Berkshire area for a time, but after that I don't know, maybe still in the County of Berkshire. Thank you.
Hi loggy01. The person with that married name and birthdate died in or near Reading, Berkshire, and she died sometime in April/May/June 2000. So it was perhaps a bit longer ago than you thought. Her death was registered at Reading Register Office during that period. The reference numbers you need in order to obtain a copy of her death certificate are:

District No. 3201A
Reg No. A5B
Ent No. 025
Dor 600

This information is in the public domain.

Good luck!
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Robert G. Thank you for your reply. Will the Death Certificate tell me where she is buried etc.
No, it won't, I'm afraid. But it will tell you exactly where she died, who was present at the death, and which doctor certified that she had died.

If you can tell me the name of her widower, or the person who was present at her death, I might be able to help you locate and contact those people so that you could ask them where Wendy was buried.
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I'm getting closer. Wendy's husband's first name was Martin, his middle initial was C, and they married in the Reading/Woking district in December 1991.
Keep looking here for more information during the next few minutes. If you look at you'll see how to eeemail me if you'd rather do that, but I rather think you'll need to act quickly.
Martin lives in Caversham.
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Tilehurst, near Reading.

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