dental implants

as a rough guide how much do dental implants cost?
19:26 Thu 17th Feb 2011
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The cost will depend upon many factors.....
- Number/type of implants
- Type of restoration used for the missing tooth/teeth
- Is a CT scan needed
- Is a 'sinus lift' needed
- Is bone augmentation needed
- who carries out the treatment (location/overheads/qualifications)

You ought to budget for 4 figures
My dad had dental implants done last summer and they cost him around £8k.
Mine are costing around £1500 per tooth but they are singles, not bridged.
More like 5 figures!
Woofgang is nearer the truth (or toof!)
Poland and Spain are cheaper options for places to go. Last time I checked, they were about half the price that they are here.
I know many people with dental implants and their mouth / breath stink so much, they could wake up the dead.
I had two dental implants three years ago and my breath doesn't stink!! My dentist sent me to a friend of his in Harley Street and the cost was nearly £9,000. However, that did include two lots of sedation for the extractions and the actual implants being put in and a CT scan. Also this guy had devised a guide to pinpoint precisely where the implants went and that was another £600. Also it's a long drawn out treatment - from the time I had the extractions to the fitting of the crowns, was 11 months but there were lots of gaps between visits.
In the USA cost varies from 1000-2000 USD per one tooth. For the complete guide you can check

For mine, in Poland, I have paid ~700 USD. It's much cheaper here and the implants are as good as in the other countries.
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