Broken toe . Should I go to A&E

Stubbed toe really badly on the edge of the door on Sunday. Cant put weight on it, I can only use the side of my foot. It has bruised underneath the joint & up the front of my foot. Dont want to be a time waster at A&E. Have bandaged it to the nx one to keep it straight but it still really hurts. Any advise or is what I have done about it good enough. Thx in advance.
16:12 Tue 08th May 2007
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First thing tomorrow, go to your gp, if he won't see you tomorrow, go to A&E, but be prepared for a wait, I you think its broken, you can't hang about, because if it is, without treatment, it may heal wrongly.
Toes are sooooo painful to break so I feel for you!!
If you have just broken a toe, unfortunately nothing can be done apart from taking painkillers!

It is still worth going to A & E though just in case you have broken any bones in your foot aswell, they can check this with an X ray and will probably be able to give you some decent painkillers too!
if you have only broken your toe ( v painful ) they will just strap it to the next one and give you painkillers. depends on how many hours you want to hang about in casualty.! I had to go with my 88 yr old father in law last night who had collapsed and was v poorly and was taken to a ward after 5 hrs.Before anybody starts ranting, I worked in av busy inner city casualty dept in the 80ies and do know the problems! Soz got a bit carried away there!!!, hope your toe is ok. lol
Right, sorry if this comes across as nasty/bitchy but it's not intended to be or personal in any way.

Put simply - No, don't go. If it's only stubbed and you think it's broken then there is nothing that they can do for you. They'll strap it up for you with a bangage and tape, but to be honest you could do that yourself. If the toe is misaligned then I would go to A&E and end up getting it reset. Thats the only time I would ever go to A&E with a broken digit.

I speak as someone who has experienced a broken toe and worked in A&E dealing with broken toes. We once had a young girl who stubbed her toe on a (Friday) night out. She called an ambulance to take her to hospital. We stuck her in the middle of the department so that she could see just how busy we were. She became very sheepish by the time we saw her and told her all she had done was bruised it.

If the pain persists and you still can't put weight on it after a week, see your GP. In the meantime, keep taking the pain-killers. Hope it gets better soon!

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thx all...will wait till sunday & see if I have any improvement then decide.
I have a broken toe as well i didnt think it was until i went to A&E and they x-rayed it. oh and i was walking with the side of my foot as well lol
hey my friend stood on my toe and flipped me over on the floor and i landed funny on my big toe on Saturday and it still really hurts and keeps crunching and cracking my mum and i dont think its worth going to a+e because the cant do much but we gonna go any way so we can see what s wrong with it any way x soo i think u should go
i went over on all my toes whilst playing badminton. But the one next to the big one stuck out and bent the wrong way, it really hurts and my gp thinks i've torn a ligament but i feel it's the actual bone should i bother to go to a and e. i was taking my dog to the vet and they told me to bandage it so should i bandage it if it's a torn ligament? can they really do nothing for a broken toe?
i hurt my toe aswell and my gp said it might be a torn ligament but didn't ex-ray it. my vet, yes i said vet told me to bandage it and not move on it. i don't know whether to go to a and e or not should i? it's really's swollen and red can they really do nothing for a broken toe?

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