Eczema Sufferer - Does Alcohol And Tiredness Play Any Part?

I've suffered from really bad eczema now for over a year, I think it triggered by a few upsets. Anyway, I have a few drinks quite often and although the doc. says that alcohol shouldn't play a part - it seems to flare terribly the day after a night out. Does anyone have similar experiences please? Or answers? Do you think being tired and run down has anything to do with a flare up? Thank you all.
15:58 Fri 23rd Aug 2013
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Just my personal opinion. I think skin conditions are closely related to stress.
I wouldn't have thought so.
Try cutting out cows milk and see if that helps. I saw on a program once that it's the most common reason people suffer with eczema. I cut that, and most dairy products, out of my daughters diet and her's has improved a huge amount. It used to be so bad, and she would scratch it until it bled but, touch wood, it seems to be under control since cutting out the cows milk.

Unsweetened Almond milk is nice :-)
I do not suffer from eczema and my knowledge of skin conditions is limited.

There are many types of eczema, many with identifiable "trigger points."

Yes there is an association between exacerbations of eczema and anxiety states.
Should also have written...AND alcohol.
My eczema always seems worse after drinking wine. I think alcohol makes you dehydrated which then makes your skin drier any more itchy. Thats my theory anyway. Also stress makes it worse. I find myself scratching when I'm worried about something and don't realise I'm doing it.

My GP told me that hard water is a major cause of eczema so I'm thinking of getting a water softener.
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Many thanks all, have cut out milk and trying Almond Milk (thanks Baby Sham) and thanks Squad and soapnumpty - yes alcohol must be a big part. That's what i have mainly on nights out! So - new regime coming up, thanks!
Davy, Rice milk is also very nice and can be obtained at all health food shops. Good luck xx

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