B.Joseph painting

if you have one please contact me ive learned there are people in germany and england also looking
15:57 Tue 06th May 2008
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i have one. i don't know much about the painter or if it's the same one you're looking for. what's so special about it?
Question Author
well nothing except there are people all around the world trying to find out about this painter is yours flowers or egrets?
I too have a large painting signed by 'B Joseph', but this is a maritime scene with a number of fishing boats lying alongside a jetty in a small harbour .

Who is B Joseph?

I have one of the paintings signed B.JOSEPH. It is about 4' tall and 5' wide. It is of 4 large white birds in a swamp-like area.

Do you have any information on this painter?

Richard Case
I have one of the large paintings with 4 white birds in a swamp. I would like to know more about it and the artist.
I have one of these paintings by b. joseph it is described as a large painting of egrets by liveauctioneers.com
I have one of the paintings signed B.JOSEPH. It is about 4' tall and 5' wide.
Joseph B I have a painting and would like to know about the artist and how much it costs .It is pastel indefinite egrets
I too have a 4 x 5 b joseph painting of egrets or oriental cranes just purchased in Miami FL. BEAUTIFUL. Has a medium on top of the oil that makes it look like it is painted on silk. Would like any information on the artist - country of origin, date, etc. kschuecomputer@gmail.com thank you
I have one with egrets/cranes about 4 by 5 feet - just purchased in Miami FL. there is a medium on top of the oil to make it look like it is painted on silk. Any info on artist and dates would be greatly appreciated as well as country of origin.

I have one it is 4x5 feet with 4 egrets/cranes excellent condtion wood frame with metal corners
I have 2 of them, they are cranes and they look oriental...Maybe the person who bought one recently in Miami could tell us how much he/she paid and where it was bought (art gallery, auction etc)(it could give us a clue of how much is worth, , I am in Ohio, USA
I have one too, I would like to know how much it is worth, or something about the artist...if someone bought or sold one recently, please post, that way we could know what is the market price...I saw one on ebay for 125
I have a B Joseph painting of birds (cranes) with a timber frame, metal corners, on a canvas and is a large painting contact David (email: davidnicol@digisurf.com.au)
I have one with flowers in vases, it is a large one to! Contact me at mandylakewireless@yahoo.com I live in Missouri Had the painting for 30 years
I also have a painting of egrets. I bought in Perth in 1984. I have also been searching. Maybe we should put it on the media around the world.
Where and who is B.Joseph. Mine has been valued at around $5000.

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I have a large painting egrets/cranes 4x5 feet excelent condition. Wood frame with metal caps on corners
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