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I tried to report a post from a new user that was clearly just an advert. When I pressed 'submit', the following message came up.

"You need to define a custom text".

What does that mean?
06:24 Mon 02nd Apr 2012
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Did you put a tick in one of the boxes? Did you put some text in the big box?

I know that it is one of the above - not sure which. :-)
You need to tick one of the boxes and you need to type something in the comment box.

I usually tick 'other' and just write 'advertising' in the big box.
Question Author
Ah, thanks very much. I ticked a box, but I thought that was enough, so I didn't write anything. I'll try again.
I've never quite understood *why* we need to type something in the box. Any ideas any one?
I suppose it's to stop anyone from reporting threads just for the sake of it - they need to justify their report.
Because we want to know why you're reporting it. While for spam it's simple it can be quite complicated for other issues - sometimes we need an explanation!
I've been caught out by this - just put a single word in the comment box like "spam"
Exactly. For example, if someone is being abusive, but in a way which isn't immediately obvious we might want to know that it is an ongoing issue and that we should look at the history between the two users.
Thanks I won't wonder anymore. :-)
Question Author
Ed, maybe the message could be changed from "You need to define a custom text" to something like "Please explain your reasons for reporting this post"?

I looked at that and thought 'what on earth is a custom text - and since I don't know what it is, how am I to define it?'
naomi's right, "define a custom text" is gibberish. It's very tempting to put a custard recipe in there and claim you misread it.
Ed, maybe the message could be changed from "You need to define a custom text" to something like "Please explain your reasons for reporting this post"?

I agree. I'll add it to the bug list.
Custard also welcome
If I'm reporting advertising I just put a full stop in the box.
You're not the only one Umm!
You don't really need an explanation though, do you?
I'm very verbose with my report text too, it's normally just one word max :)
Are they words that wouldn't get past the swear filter?
Hey Ed, I might be imagining it but a while back did you publish a list of some of the funnier/more obscure reports you received? (without revealing who it was from).

Can we have an updated one?
i want to report something now, just so i can put a custard recipe in

i might go and report ummm for something

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