whats a group of pigs called?

also a group of hippos and rhinos too we were having this discussion the other day.
15:04 Sat 06th Aug 2005
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look  here for all the answers. There are loads of other sites too, google on "collective nouns"

Collective nouns for pigs: a drift,team or herd of pigs; when a group is being moved they are a drove of pigs; young ones are a litter, a farrow of piglets, a sounder of wild pigs, a passel of hogs, a group of boars is singular.

Hippos: A bloat (like that one)

Rhinos: A crash

Ooops, cross posting at work, woofgang... This site also gives sounds made by the animals, giving rise to the sometimes strange names for the groups:  http://www.anapsid.org/beastly.html

My favourite is a "murder of crows"
A cackle of canooists

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