where do snakes poop from?

there was a picture of a snake eating a kangaroo, my friend mentioned a future killer poop, we were wondering where exactly it comes out of - like, halfway down their body, or the end of their tail-y body type thing, or if there's some other weird crazy place that snakes poop from. (this is what happens when teenagers get drunk these days)

23:08 Sat 11th Jun 2005
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Snakes excrete their waste, both urine and feces mixed together,  through one opening, the colaca, located on the underside of the snake, about 2/3rds of the distance from the head to the tail.  They also mate and the female lays her eggs through this opening... 'though not all snakes lay eggs...
I think you meant to say 'cloaca' clanad
Emily Ball, is correct of course... (it's the keyboard's fault)... Thanks!
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thanks guys

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