BMW advert music? anyone?

The new BMW advert, thanking everything such as 'thanks road for letting our tyres keep on rolling... and rolling...... thank you all for the most efficient and dynamic BMW's ever!'

does anyone know the music? it sounds classical? any help :)

thanks in advance!
18:39 Tue 20th May 2008
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It's called 'Rays of Light'
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Do you know who by? I can't find it... i can only find Madonna - ray of light, but i doubt that's it.
It's called 'Rays of Light' not 'Ray of Light'. Difficult to find because it is not by a band or group in the traditional sense but a 'soundtrack' put together by composers to generate a mood. You'll find the track tucked away with dozens of other 'mood' tracks on the essential underscores album.

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