Can anybody remember a chocolate bar - I think called a Swisskit - I seem to remember the advert was 'would you risk it for a swisskit?' Do I remember correctly?
10:44 Wed 27th Sep 2006
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Cheshamgirl you are right! try this link. Number 47.
Yes, I remember Swisskit, the TV ad featured a guy skiing and rescueing something ( probably a Swisskit bar ) from an avalanche I think.
The last shot was of him sat in a chair with his foot and leg in plaster eating the Swisskit bar.
"Would you risk it for a Swisskit ?" is how I remember the tag line at the end too.
The bar was very flat and long, made of a brittle musli, covered in a thin layer of chocolate.
Old saying was
'Risk it for a biscuit,
Willing for a shilling'

but I don't know where it came from
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Thank you tonymclark and bustergutt - glad to see not going mad!!!! I have used it as a 'catch'phrase' for 25 yrs + and nobody has heard of it. Thank you for the link
I think there is a Swisskit wrapper in Robert Opie's Packaging Museum, which is close to Portabello Road in London.
If not there, it could be in his 1970's book, both are well worth a look. n/Products/Opie/books1GB.asp

enjoy, cheshamgirl !
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thank you tonymclark - a gentleman

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