who is barry scott on the cillit bang advert?

Who is Barry Scott on the cillit bang advert,it is really doing my head in .Is he some kind of celebrity or something because i have never seen him do anything for mankind apart from clean an old penny and shout "GOOD AS NEW" as if we should run out and buy the stuff just on his recommendation.

11:44 Wed 20th Jul 2005
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Hi barneysdad, I don't think he's famous but whoever he is I bet he's being paid a lot more than me to advertise a product with a very silly name.

sorry that doesnt help but that advert really bugs me and I had to reply.

..Hi my name is Troy McClure...

lol ermintrude, that's exactly what I was thinking!

Reminds me of those wonderful "infomercials" on the Sky shopping channels...

He is an actor called Neil Burgess, and has by all acounts appeared in a recent Bryan McFadden (ex Westlife) video

pretty dodgy phot though. It came from this site. A FAQ about Cillit Bang (unofficial)




He is probably like Barry Bethel of slim fast fame....

Found this on the net, it's hilarious!

http://www.luckykazoo.com/media/2005/03/cillit-bang-remi x.html


- not much help, but i couldn't help it

barry scott is actually an agent for the fattyslayers. he has come back to the early21st century to warn earth about the evil,ruthless,violent gang-The Telitubbies. Cillit bang (experiment w77i45) is actually a poison to these florescent gangsters. For the full story visit



hey, i have a webby dediacted to hating and finding the true identity of Barry Scott go to: www.tbsh.piczo.com so farwe have found out he is himself so he is actually barry scott lol cilit bang wont tell me or my cult nay more
barry scott is my uncle he comes from lancshire and was a student at 18 going on to get a a level in chemistery he became homosxuall at 20 and has 2 boyfriends!!

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First, who is Barry scott, in the advert he intoduces himself like he is well known. Am i totally missing something? also at the beggining of the advert he walks past about 1000 bottles of cillit bang...

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