changing avatars

How do I do it ? Tried yesterday and followed the instructions and it has changed in my profile but not on site, what do I do now?
13:48 Tue 27th Apr 2010
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Try Ctrl+f5

It is a caching issue. It takes a little while for the site to "catch up" with your new avatar.

Spare Ed
Question Author
thanks Ed, tried this, logged off/on etc and still not changing on site though it has in my profile any advice would be welcome, I know it must be something I'm not doing as lots of user seem to be changing everyday
Have you fully cleared the cache/memory on your browser. Tools>internet options>delete>delete
Question Author
thanks factor30,as you can see it's changed at last
I have done all that everyone has suggested (clearing cache, using the recommended software etc) and still my avatar remains elusive!! Come on AB - it really should be easier than this!!!
Just wait mine took 4 days to change
Thanks dustypuss. 2 days to go then!!
- have you had an email from gravatar confirming your avatar exists on gravatar;
- does you AB profile say you now have an avatar.
If the answers are yes the avatar should be working.
As well as clearing the cahe FULLY I suggest you log out of AB, clear your cahe again, then log back in
Hi Indy

Im not sure but some where I think that I read that in order to have a avitar you have had to be on AB for more than two weeks and have to posted 10 questions .
True, dustypuss.
However I had checked and it seems indie-trier has been a member for many months and has had more than enough postings
Hi factor 30,
The answer is yes to all of these things. I have also cleared my cache fully several times and logged on and off an equal number of times. Seems I just have to wait now!
I see a new dog, paddy, the one with the bright blue bit has gone!
Still waiting for my avatar! I've done everything else - so maybe I've posted more answers than questions. Should I post a few more actual questions and see what happens?
Question Author
same dog boxtop just a different photo. Now I know how to change I'm building a collection of avatars for special occasions e.g. The World Cup, St Georges Day
I've been trying for over a week - have had lots of helpful advice which I've followed to the letter but can't get past the stage of 'please wait for five to ten minutes for your avatar to be activated' and nothing happens - a box doesn't show for me to tick (believe others are also experiencing this) but have clicked where the box should be - there has to be an easier way.
carmalee - you could try using a different browser just to see if the tick box is displayed using that.
will try what you suggest bibblebub but really, things shouldn't be so complicated for little old ladies! thanks a million
Thanks everyone for all your advice. It appears that the problem may have been that I was using this avatar (now here in all its glory!!) for 2 email addresses on Gravatar and the one I use for this site was not the main one. I have now made it the chief one - and here we are. Alternatively - it could just have been a matter of time, or the number of questions etc ..........!!

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