The Mousetrap

A friend and I want to go to see this (sentimental reasons). Can anyone recommend a site that would do flight bookings from Dublin or Belfast with decent hotel and tickets?
We're flexible on dates.
Many thanks
18:51 Mon 27th Feb 2012
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I doubt that you'll get an inclusive package but it's not rocket science to put your own together!

Buy theatre tickets here:

A hotel just down the road, which has been frequently been praised by ABers:

Reviews on...
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I doubt that you'll get an inclusive package but it's not rocket science to put your own together!

Buy theatre tickets here:

A hotel just down the road, which has been frequently been praised by ABers:

Reviews on TripAdvisor:

A couple of sites where you might get discounted bookings for that hotel:

That just leaves the flights (plus transfers, of course):

From Belfast International Airport you can fly to Heathrow (Aer Lingus), Gatwick (easyJet), Luton (easyJet) or Southend (easyJet, starting from 2nd April).

From George Best Airport you can fly to Heathrow (BMI), Stansted (BmiBaby) or Gatwick (FlyBe).

From Dublin Airport you can fly to Gatwick (AerLingus & Ryanair), Heathrow (Aer Lingus & BMI), City (Air France [CityJet service]), Luton (Ryanair) or Stansted (Ryanair).

Taking some random midweek dates in mid-May, Ryanair are offering a return fare, from Dublin to Gatwick, for €45.23. That includes all taxes and charges; if you were travelling with just hand luggage, the only extra would be a €6 admin fee in each direction, making €57.23 per person in total.

A return ticket from Gatwick to City Thameslink costs £18 on the day, or you could seek cheaper 'Advance' fares here:
(You can probably walk to the Strand Palace Hotel from there. Otherwise a 23 bus, along Ludgate Hill and Fleet Street, will take you there).

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That's just fantastic, Chris.
Thank you.
I bought the book ...


(slap wrist!)

It's not allowed to be sold in the UK, but you can get it sent from the US.


How "decent" do you want the hotel ?

And the theatre is VERY close to The Ivy if you want to treat yourselves for lunch before the show.
why not jane?
Why can't it be sold?

Because the Agatha Christie estate have refused to allow any sales rights for so long as The Mousetrap is still running on the stage (so that the end remains a secret).

When you see it on the stage, after the show, this little man comes out and says PLEEEEASE don't tell anyone who is the murderer.

So, of course, although I have the book ... I can't tell you how it ends.
Saw it in the 50's and couldn't tell you how it ends.
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Chris has sent a very comprehensive response and suggests the Strand Palace.
Oh, right.

ive read it too. it was the butler what dun it lol
except i don't think its called the mousetrap in the book is it?
No, it's called Three Blind Mice.
The mouse trap is actually coming on tour to Belfast to the Grand Opera House in October I think it is. Quite a few seats booked already.
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I didn't know that - am investigating. Is it in the GOH?
Thanks a lot.
Yes. 1st - 6th October. It is going on tour for the first time to celebrate it's 60th anniversary.
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Hi, spot
Done and dusted. Thanks for your help.
Glad to be of help. I plan to go myself.
thanks for this post - it prompted me to get tickets - there were only a few left!
Hope you enjoy it.A group of us have got tickets as well and arelooking forward to seeing it.
Agatha Christie did not expect the play to run for more than eight months and gifted the royalties to her grandson. It has now run for 60 years - lucky grandson!

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