Easy wireless?

Is there an EASY way to set up a wireless-enabled printer to communicate with a wireless-enabled computer?

I've got a Canon MG5250, currently plugged into my iMac through a USB lead. I've also got a second computer, a laptop, which is wireless (to the internet, and through it's local LAN to my main desktop). Setting up the laptop to wireless was very simple. Mac looked for networks, plugged itself in, and that was the end of it.

(I want the connection so I can scan from the laptop - currently I can scan only from the USB-connected Mac, which can be a nuisance. The printer itself is accessible through the LAN, but not the scanning part for some reason).

But with the Canon it's asking me all sorts of questions I don't want to bother finding out the answers to - SSID, for instance - so what I'm asking is, 'Is there an easy way to get these things communicating with each other?"


15:49 Sun 04th Dec 2011
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Would a Bluetooth dongle plugged into my Canon printer work? (The laptop has Bluetooth built in).

Are the the drivers installed on the laptop at all? Was the printer/scanner physically connected to it when installed? (Regarding scanning from it using a wireless connection from laptop .. even if connected by LAN cable)
Isn't there a CD you use to 'connect to a device' like HP use?
Question Author
In reverse order, yes there is an Install CD with the Canon, and I think the best bet is to do a new installation on the laptop. Problem comes when you get to the question 'is the printer connected via USB?' Answering 'Yes' throws it (on the laptop, which isn't connected via USB). Answering 'No' leads you into the 'set up' pages for the wireless version, which gets (I think) needlessly complicated.

Anyway, I'll try that reinstall first, and see if it helps.

You don't reckon Bluetooth would help at all?


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