Jim'll Fix It back with Shane Richie: get your 'Fix Its' in Now!!


i am quite pleased to see this back but feel that priority should be given to 'children' who were disappointed in the 80s!

i *still* want to meet The Police ...

anyone else have a fix it in mind?
07:57 Tue 15th Nov 2011
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it's funny, but i don't know a single person around my age who didn't write in!
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He couldn't revive 'Minder' and I doubt if he'll do any better with this. Shows are a success because of the people in them and that they're right for their time.
Would the BBC have bothered with this tripe if JS hadn't died? I think not.Cashing in on his death is tacky to say the least and I for one wont bother watching.

Jim'll Fix it was 'of it's time' and gave lots of youngsters a chance to do something they wouldn't ordinarily have been able to but in 2011 can you imagine the kind of 'fixes' today's little darlings will be asking for? It certainly won't be to eat their lunch on a roller coaster that's for sure.

Leave it where it belongs - the BBC archives.
This show is only a one-off Christmas special, not a series (though I'm sure if it is a success the Beeb may make more).
the priority will be given to children becuase their fix it expectations are more easily sorted than the things adults would want fixed..
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If it aint broke then don't try to Jim'll fix it.
Shane richie is very cheesey and kids these days have everything so what more can a show like this offer them unless it's only poor children being allowed on?
I smell a viewing disaster but still wish them all the best.
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thanks for replies! think i'll steer clear!
Goodness Gracious,Guys & Gals :-(
I don't think I'll ever get to meet and make something with the A-Team. It's a long dead dream.
Dear Shane, could you fix it for me to meet that fresh-faced, wholesome band of Irish entertainers The Nolans? I'm in the mood for dancing.
I can't remember exactly when I wrote to Jim. but I wanted to meet and ride with 1976 World Speedway Champion Peter Collins - I doubt I'd have the kahunas to do it now... 90 mph on a bike with no gears or brakes? Not ruddy likely!
it's funny, but i don't know a single person around my age who didn't write in!
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and all my husband's friends too
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thanks for replies x

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