Which consumer items are the best ones to sell on Amazon and eBay?

I have tried selling computer accessories, such as headphones, USB adaptor, USB pen, and other cheap electronic items which I have bought from Poundland, Pound Shop etc. online using Amazon and eBay etc, for a few pounds profit, but without having much success, because people do not seem gullible or stupid enough to buy such items at a higher price.

Although I have several books on eBay selling, which are from the dummies series, they don't tell you which items are in demand on websites such as Amazon/eBay.

Therefore, could anyone suggest what is the best way to set up an online shop on Amazon and eBay, and where to obtain the merchandise at a low cost in order to sell them for a profit on such websites?
16:50 Tue 14th Feb 2012
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Have a look at http://www.thetrader.co.uk/ or buy the magazine of the same name
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@IggyB I appreciate your answer.
Interesting question! You have to find something that there is a general shortage of, but which people are willing to spend money on, as they can't always buy it for themselves. People want bargains too, and yes, won't fall for cheap tat sold more expensive. I know of one area and that is plus-size clothing which is cool. There is very little of this around and larger women (like myself) are always looking for interesting and non-frumpy clothes. Brands like Gringo, Nomads, Namaste etc sell really amazing, colourful, boho clothes but only in teeny sizes. If you could talk to these companies and persuade them to make larger sizes (by larger I don't mean 16, I mean 20+) I am convinced you would be onto a winner. Evans isn't doing so great cos all their clothes are really dull and aimed at older-middle aged women, but there are plenty young and middle aged women who want to wear lush clothes. I know it's a long shot, but there definitely a need!
I sell a wide variety of goods on Ebay. I tend to buy things from jumble sales/car boot sales/auctions.
You have to know your subject - I tend to deal in shoes, clothes, books and collectables. My best buy was from an auction - I bought a box of 35 pairs of ladies shoes for £1. I knew there were some good makes of shoes in the box. It was hard work listing them all but my profit was £497!
I've made a killing on kids books (20p each from a jumbe sale), named clothing (Next, M&S, Levi etc) and again I never pay more than 20-25p per item from jumble sales.
I also sell a home made item - I'm not prepared to say what it is because I am the only person on Ebay who sells them and I'm not about to let that change! Find your niche market and go for it.
what you really want to know id the best way to scam and cheat buyers. you yourself admit you view them as stupid and gullible.
i dont think many on here will want to help you do this as many are also buyers, and you are clearly exactly the sort of unscrupulous seller that ebay, other sellers and buyers with to eradicate from ebay.

how about just selling goods fair and square and being honest about the quality?
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