Christmas pudding.

Hello everyone. When a recipes for steaming Christmas Pudding says steam for 5-6 hours, is it possible to steam in a pressure cooker and if so for how long? Thanks,Valeriea.
19:59 Tue 13th Dec 2011
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This recipe requires the pudding to be steamed for 8 to 9 hours, or placed in a pressure cooker for 2½ hours:

This recipe also requires 2½ hours:

So that looks like 2½ hours would be the maximum time which you'd require but, given the (apparently) smaller size, you might want to scale that back a bit.

I always steam mine for in a pot for 7 hours , but thats a large pudding .Never tried pressure cooking , let us know how it turns out pkease.
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Thanks Chris for your quick answer.Valeriea
Has anyone ever tried slicing the pudding and frying it in butter until it's crispy all over - serve with a dollop of thick cream, pour brandy over if liked. It's a lot quicker than steaming for hours.
the christmas pudding we always make is from the pressure cooker recipe book, although it's many years since i either steamed or pressure cooked it. i now use the microwave instead and it comes out perfect, takes about 10 minutes altogether, incuding standing time.
if we had any leftover then i'd fancy frying it up but this one we make is so nice there's usually none left.
terry: the pudding will have been cooked previously by steaming etc. Frying it in butter is only re-heating it.
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