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I use skimmed milk and I have half a container dated 18th September (today is the 21st) and I seem to remember my mother telling me that if it would boil it would not be "off". It does not really smell off as I would know it by smell without having to check it and I have just had some in a cup of tea which did not taste peculiar. I am going to make custard with it before it has definitely turned sour. It is right now that I am not sure and remember my mother's advice.
15:23 Wed 21st Sep 2011
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you would know by smell and or taste. try a bit? or pour into a cup of hot black coffee and see if it turns to lumps
Did your mum use skimmed? If it smells alright and tastes alright it is alright.
ah, if its tasted fine in the tea then its ok to use

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