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for serving tea/snacks to anti Frackers?...
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Nominations please..... I do have some one-way tickets to Pyongyang as a reward for he or she who goes first....

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Why is it that nearly all of the tee shirts I look at buying has some American slogan or the name of an American flag,football team or college or town etc. Why? Is their nothing worthy in the UK...
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Good Evening and Welcome to this weeks Mad Over Fifties Club. This evening is looking like a scorcher, so we are taking things down to the beach so I hope you have brought your flip flops,...
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Can any lady AB`s help me out on bra cup sizing? The larger the cup ,the smaller the back???...
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It's the weekend. Good rugby to be watched, then out to dinner with friends this evening. Day sorted! :o} Have a happy day everyone....

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