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Reverandfunk | 12:51 Mon 15th Oct 2007 | Weather
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Why are they so inaccurate?

All that technology and they can't get it right in-day and the 5 days forecast is a joke!


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Hi Rev, good to see youre still about :)

my dad has a theory that the weathermen give you a forecast that is actually yesterdays weather. it means they are probably more acurate than if they tried guessing lol
I quite liked the viewpoint of a professor of statistics who once pointed out that, in Britain, if you said: "Tomorrow's weather will be much like today's", you'd be right about 2/3 of the time. I've never really listened to a forecast since!
OMG, me being a trained hairdresser, i have found my calling on the answerbank!

Sod all the fuss about chatterbank! The weather is where its at for me!!!!!!:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

oh sorry Rev, the forecasts, well take it all with a pinch of salt and see what comes along!
Why do we really need to know anyway? Its not like we can change it is it?
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Hi Red & Unruly ;-)

Its handy to know for oxample fancy going to the seaside at the weekend but before booking anything wanted to know the weather lol
ahhh but Rev, this day and age we get to know too much in advance i think! Heck, we can even see what our babies look like months before they are born!

If the forecasts were so accurate, there would have been no need for your question and i wouldnt have got to say hello to you this morning, so theres my answer, i think its a good thing ;-)

There's a 50% chance that tomorrow it should have been spelt whether.

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