Natural weather signs/1976 summer?

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mazer | 00:44 Wed 21st Mar 2012 | Weather
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Anyone know any natural weather signs that signals different types of weather long range?

Also, what do you think the chances of having 1976 summer are this year? all i know is that as time goes on, the chance increases


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I was a child in 1976 and I remember things like paddling pools, cold baked bean salads, ladybirds and sunburn. Bliss.
Nowadays, like the sad old git that I am I think of polyester uniforms, long long work days, an oven-shaped working environment and...sunburn. So you know, maybe sometimes nostalgia is best left alone.
Mojo (1981 inter-street winter skidding champion)
went on hols to Cornwall in 1976, it was so hot, we had the best holiday!........hope this Summer is the same!........
I was 12 in 1976 and remember it well. We went on holiday to west Wales and had a great time but the one thing that really sticks in my mind is my dad's field. He used to, and still does, grow vegetables in his field and I remember that by the end of July, the ground was so dry that cracks appeared in the ground that i could put my hand into. I also remember that when it finally rained at the end of August after about 3 months without rain, everyone went outside and just stood in the rain.
remember that too charlotte!............we just stood there and enjoyed the rain!........was lovely!...........
So I didn't imagine it then.
I remember 1976 too, we were on our way to Weymouth and got caught up in a traffic queue because of an accident on the motorway. It was sooo hot the man in the car in front of us proved how hot it was by cracking an egg & fried it on the bonnet of his car. Phewww!

I remember 1976. All those ladybirds !!! Horrible. They covered the pavement and you couldnt help but tread on them making cracking sounds and I used to pull my collar right up so they wouldnt go down my neck.
We went to the Lake District that summer and I think it was Haweswater that was completely dry and cracked.

I dont think I would want to go through that again just for a hot summer. As long as its sunny and warm enough to enjoy, that`ll do me. I work in catering and its too hot in here some days anyway, even with all windows and doors open.
I remember it too and like you Welshi was in Cornwall for a wonderful holiday - apart from the severe sunburn because we didn't cover up...ouch! Must say I hope we have some prolonged rain soon though because I dread to think what drought conditions will bring now that the population seems to have increased significantly since those days....
The summer of 1975 was almost as good as the summer of `76 but in `75 we had snow in April. The spring of `76 was average. I remember the weather in `76 turned nice at Whitsun and stayed absolutely glorious for many weeks after that. Same in `83 - we had 10 weeks of sunshine from Whitsun. It`s hard to predict how the weather can be in the future. The hope for us (for this summer) is that we haven`t had rain for a long time but that doesn`t mean the summer will be dry and hot.
weathermen say the jet stream brings settled weather, but it depends where it is - it's usually further south than Britain in summertime.

In my 30something years in Britain, the typical weather is like last year: some nice weeks in spring and autumn (very early this year) but mild and cloudy through summer.

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Natural weather signs/1976 summer?

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