snow update - midlands

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mandimoo | 14:05 Thu 09th Feb 2012 | Weather
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Well, im at work (lunchtime) and wondering if we are really going to get the snow we have been threatened with. Personally I hope so as there is a good chance they will close the office and I will have a bonus day off.

Tell me where you are, especially if you are in the midlands, and let me know if its getting close.....


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not expected until this evening heavy over night but too cold to that so should stick around for a bit. If our office closed because of snow we'd be expected to take a day A/L
day off because of snow ? what are you, a wimp? Ive cycled or walked to work in the snow all week. its still like a skating rink out there but I shall be probably walking again tomorrow. If we all took the day off, what would happen. no shop deliveries, no hospitals etc
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Otherhalf - I dont make company policy. If the powers that be close the office, who am I to argue?!
my apologies. what sort of office can afford to close whenever the weather is bad ?
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Most of the people who work here are also set up to work at home too. They are all scientists and can do their work at home. They come in to the office for 'knowledge transfer'.

I am a lowly administrator and they dont deem me important enough to set up at home.
Just heard the weather forecast on the radio, supposed to snow here starting this evenieng. It's going quite dark now (NW).
It's raining here just North of Stourbridge...More scaremongering I reckon!
Just started snowing here again in Yorkshire and we havnt yet got rid on Sundays snow
getting darker in Edgbaston... off to Northfield after work as need some stationery hope it starts while I am out
We've had a good inch in Berkshire and it is still falling :-(

I really don't like snow.
Still nothing here in sunny Edinburgh.
Yes it's snowed again in York :-(
Thick, settled, icy and cold a bit East of Northampton.

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snow update - midlands

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