Syon Park

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Syon Park is situated in West London and it belongs to the Duke of Northumberland and is now his family's London residence. The park is the last privately owned country estate in London. The gardens at Syon are renowned for their extensive collection of rare trees and plants since 'Capability' Brown landscaped the park in the mid 18th century.

The crowning glory of Syon Park's gardens is the Great Conservatory. It was originally designed to act as a show house for the Duke's exotic plants and inspired Joseph Paxton in his designs for the Crystal Palace.

Other sites of interest at the park include:

•    The London Tropical Zoo
•    Snakes and Ladders indoor adventure playground
•    Syon Park Trout Fishery

Syon Park is a wonderful venue in which to entertain on a lavish scale, just like the Duke’s ancestors would have done. It is a perfect place for wedding receptions, dinners, parties and, more recently, as a film location. It is also a wonderful setting for wedding ceremonies, photographic shoots, product launches, exhibitions and fashion shows.

Syon Park is very popular for weddings and the magnificent Great Hall in Syon House is available for hire for civil ceremonies, or alternatively the beautiful State Dining Room. Post-ceremony drinks can be served in the charming inner courtyard, a parterre garden with fountain and perfumed white flowers. Alternatively in unkind weather, it is possible to use the State Apartments.

In 1547, King Henry VIII's coffin was brought to Syon on its way to Windsor for burial. It burst open during the night and in the morning dogs were found licking up the remains! This was regarded as a divine judgement for the King's desecration of Syon Abbey.

Money bequeathed by the son of the first Duke of Northumberland was used to found the famous Smithsonian Institute in Washington, USA.

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