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BAFTA is the leading independent charity in the UK supporting, developing and promoting the art forms of the moving image by identifying and rewarding excellence, inspiring practitioners and benefiting the public. By showcasing the crafts of film, television and video games production, the Academy provides a forum for knowledge to be shared across disciplines, which in turn stimulates higher standards across the board.

The Academy was formed in 1947 when a group of the most eminent names in the British film production industry gathered in a room at the Hyde Park Hotel. The film director David Lean was appointed Chairman. Their fundamental aim was "to recognise those who had contributed outstanding creative work towards the advancement of British film."

To encourage artistic and professional merit, they held their own awards, for which the American Sculptor Mitzi Cunliffe was persuaded to design the now familiar Grecian maquette, later adopted by BAFTA for its annual awards. The first of these was held at the Television Ball at the Savoy Hotel on 24 October 1954.

With an expert industry membership of nearly 6500 individuals, globally, the Academy focuses attention on the highest achievements of films, video games and television programmes shown in the UK each year in order to motivate and inspire those who make them, and to educate and develop the taste of those who watch them.

The promotion of excellence extends far beyond the Awards ceremonies. As a charitable organisation, the Academy plays an equally powerful role at their headquarters at 195 Piccadilly, across the nations and regions, in cinemas, schools and communities in the UK and US.

BAFTA's resplendent headquarters at 195 Piccadilly offer some of the most distinctive entertainment and events opportunities in central London. Available are a private cinema, a large event room suitable for conferences, dinners and banquets and a smaller boardroom which is ideal for presentations, press interviews staff training and meetings.

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