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nactel | 16:47 Sun 13th Mar 2011 | Travel
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Hi. I am going to America in September,2011. I was wondering if I should be watching the Exchange Rates and start buying Dollars now ( if the rate is good) or wait till I go to America and change English pounds to Dollars there. Glad of any information. x


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Could be a loti of changes in 6 months. I used to tell customers if I was able to answer this type of question I would not have had the need to work. Lots of things to consider though. Do you want to be carrying a lot of cash, you can't get it back if its lost or stolen. The best rates for withdrawing cash is through the ATM network just make sure you get one of the cards that do not have high charges and draw out enough each time so you do not receive the minimum charge for small amounts
Waiting until you get there is a bad idea - in many areas you won't find anywhere at all to change them. Doesn't apply to main holiday areas - but anywhere else it can be iffy.

Apart from that there is no information to be had - you may do well by buying now, you may do better by waiting, it may make no difference.

Even professional currency speculators get it wrong.
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Thanks for your help.
As Ubasses said, you are better off getting an ATM card and withdrawing money at ATM machines which are available anyplace you go. Make sure you get one that is a visa card also. this way you can charge as you go along as the money is taken out immediatly and then you can get enough cash for each day and eliminate carrying a lot of cash on your person. This is really the only way to go. There are ATM machines all over America because that is what we use on a daliy basis.

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