Duty free confiscation connecting flights

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kaw69 | 22:06 Sat 09th Oct 2010 | Travel
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I recently flew back from New York via Amsterdam and the couple in front of me going through security at Schiphol airport had their duty free purchases of 2 litres of 25 year old whiskey and some fragrances inc aftershave bought at JFK confiscated as it was above the 100ml for liquids to travel on this flight. Their claim was that because their bags were transferred onto the connecting flight they could not put them in their cases.
How can duty free liquids be transferred onto final destination?


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I think you will find they cant be. The same restrictions apply each time you go through security so I do not think you can bring in duty free liquids and transfer to another flight.
Put them in your hold luggage. You have to be sure the bottles won't smash
They can`t be most of the time. As you say, if your bags are transferred through, you don`t have access to them to put the purchases in.
This is odd. In our experience when we have changed flights in Barcelona, we haven't had to go through security again before our second flight - we just went straight into the transit area, because we'd already been security-cleared at Heathrow. Otherwise yes, I can see how this would happen.
I think it depends on the airport. If you go through Bangkok or Singapore to Australia and you have to disembark during the transit, they`ll take them off you when you get back on the plane even though you bought them at heathrow or on the aircraft on the first sector.
Each airport makes a decision on how to treat transit duty free. Sadly, most of them take it off you (staff Christmas parties must be good). In theory, you should be asked at the time of purchase if the immediate trip is your final destination, but it doesn't always happen.
have travelled extensively - honestly, it's not worth buying in the duty free.
The answer is what airport you are flying into. Most of the airports in the US make you pick up you luggage and then put it back on the conveyor however if you don't take the opportunity to put things into the bag, you will loose it as you can not make a connecting flight without going through security again. Just one of those quirks in the TSA American Style.
At Heathrow, I go through security again, even although I've been checked through at Vienna or coming from Glasgow. I would only buy at the transfer airport, then it's no problem.
Sometimes they can supply the DF in a sealed bag with the receipt visible. Probably depends on the transfer airport whether they will allow this or not. As with carmalee I rarely bother nowadays. If the duty free is significantly cheaper than here, it is usually also much cheaper in the shops. Just buy it locally and put it in your luggage.
I don't think there's much chance.............isn't Europe on a higher terror alert than the US `at the moment?
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Thanks to all for answers
Looks like you have to buy it at the final departure airport which is a bummer as I have seen some lovely liquor that wasn`t available in Europe and almost bought it.
Like some suggested maybe they can put it in a sealed bag that is recognised by all airports.
I am not holding my breath.
Craft - the UK is at the same international terror alert as the US - Severe. that makes no difference as far as duty free is concerned. The duty free restrictions became stricter after the liquid bombers came to the fore.
Kaw - check out the rules according to the airport if you want to get some bargains in the duty free (contrary to what people say, some things are cheaper) If for example, you come into Europe on a BA flight and buy duty free on the aircraft, the crew will put your purchases in a tamper proof bag, with a receipt and Heathrow airport will accept that for transfer travel on your onward flight

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Duty free confiscation connecting flights

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