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sammmo | 20:43 Tue 22nd Jun 2010 | Travel
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I booked a holiday to mexico with thomas cook and unfortunately I am going have to cancel it.. It says i will lose my deposit in the small print.. but as i'm cancelling six months in advance i was wondering if they'd give me a credit note to put against another holiday later in the year.. what do you think my chances are/


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hi sammmo, have a read of this
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thanks jb i had already read that.. the place we booked is very popular and they won't have any problems filling our place but it looks as though that does'nt make any difference.. i can understand them keeping admin charges but to keep it all seems a bit of a con.. i will write and ask for a credit note, see what they say..
Sammo, write by all means but your chances are nil. Unless travel companies have grown a conscience.
Sorry? What's all this 'conscience' nonsense?
It's about terms and conditions of booking.
You book, you read the small print, you pay your deposit.
If you then decide to break the contract, you suffer any consequencies.
If you're that concerned about the potential need to cancel later, you either mitigate your loss by buying insurance so that it is someone else's risk.
Or you take the risk yourself.
This situation ain't rocket science.
And neither is it anything Thomas Cook have done.
>you either mitigate your loss by buying insurance

Depends why the hoiday has been cancelled.

If because of death or illness in the family, or one of the people going on holiday has had accident etc you may be able to claim on the insurance.

But if it is just because you have changed you mind, or maybe split up with husband/boyfriend etc then you probably cant clain on the insurance.

Depends on the small print.
If you paid your deposit with a credit card such as Gold Mastercard you can claim your deposit back from them.

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losing deposit

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