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kaleidoscope72 | 17:05 Tue 22nd Jun 2010 | Travel
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hello everyone, a month ago my friend had seen an advertised job, a family in UK looking for a nanny. Immediately my friend had send an email expressing her desire to apply for the said job. Not too long, there was a response, attached with the email was a written interview, right afterwards the working contract, work permit, and other documents were sent. The employer’s agency had arranged details what to submit. Even a processing fees paid through Western Union. Emails regarding sending of documents were clearly described, however, every time my friend successfully send the payments, promised dates for the documents were also given as well as some things like Barclay Accounts and BTAs. My friend is very hopeful at the same time stressed, wondering if all os these are true. I myself tried and keep trying to help her, however, whenever I try to research details in the Internet, there are some really not so hopeful details. How I could explain to my friend that she was SCAMMED. Can anyone help me help my friend.


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why dont you just tell your friend she was scammed??
There was no job. There never was a job. There never will be a job.

Unfortunately there are criminals out there who promise things (a job, a lottery win, a free holiday etc).

But if you reply to their email there is always some sort of "fee" to pay up front before they can help.

Once you pay that fee, then there is another fee to pay, then another fee to pay, and they will keep trying to get money out of you until you realise it is all a SCAM.

All the documents sent to your friend are worthless and a fraud. Any money she has paid them she has lost.

She has been scammed.

I dont think I can put it any clearer than that.
This is sad but some people are easily taken in. Nobody should give out any details about bank accounts and personal details I hope your friend has notified her bank - the scammers may have her details now, she needs to contact her bank a.s.a.p. just in case. I don't know anyone here in the UK who would consdier employing someone on the basis of an email, working with children requires police checks etc. What employer's agency? - did your friend check them out on the internet to see if they were genuine? Sad but salutory story.
PS - where do you and your friend live, not in the UK I guess?
You say the employer's agency, what agency was that? No one in your friends position should have to pay any money up front.
> This is sad but some people are easily taken in.

They are, and their naivete / gullibility is what keeps these criminals in business.

That said, with such an obvious scam as this, you really do have to wonder if this isn't natural selection at work...

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