Does the ESTA waiver form pass on criminal records to the u.s

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DevilRed | 20:44 Tue 15th Jun 2010 | Travel
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Don't you like the many answers you've already received on this question ?!?
By what conceivable method could it do that?
What do you mean?
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Well it says that it gives the u.s border control more time to be prepared for people who travel .
The only information the ESTA form passes to the US is the information you put in it yourself, plus the approval number assigned when it was granted.
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Thats all good and well but how on earth do you know that ?
Would you feel more comfortable if you were told that you won't get more than 5 steps on US soil before they turn you round and send you home ?

Because the good services of folks trying to assure you that you'll be ok don't seem to be sinking in.............
But how do you know that Jack? ;-)
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Fair enough as you can imagine I'm full of nervs I've got a daughter who is travelling with me so thats the main thing I'm worried about .

So lets clear this up and I wont ask again honestly . I get off the plane and its straight into border control they wont have my record which is over 10 years old anyway . I hand in my passport answer a few questions and thats it ?

Any idea of the questions ?
The US do NOT have a direct link to any computer based here in UK on which your details may be stored. If you were considered to be 'a person of interest' to both sets of authorities, you may find yourself on a *list* somewhere...........but you appear to be pretty insignificant, never mind small, fry.
The only things that the US authorities will know about you, is the information with which you provide them.
Usual questions are; reasons and length of stay...........
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Thanks this forum has done alot to reasure me its much appreciated and I will comeback on to let you know how I got on so that anyone else with worries can some info .
Good luck and have a great time :-)
<<Thats all good and well but how on earth do you know that ? >>

Because that's all the information it HAS to pass on. It doesn't magic it up from elsewhere. Logic.

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Does the ESTA waiver form pass on criminal records to the u.s

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