moral turpitude

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DevilRed | 19:32 Mon 14th Jun 2010 | Travel
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I've answered no to it on my ESTA and having read it I'm not sure if a 10 year old conviction for ABH falls into the catagory anyway .

Does anyone know ?


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Offences never become 'spent' under US law, so the 10-year period is irrelevant.

Here's the relevant section from the U.S. Department of State Foreign Affairs Manual, with regard to the definition of 'moral turpitude'. As I read it, 'ABH' does not constitute 'moral turpitude' unless it was done 'with intent to kill', 'with intent to commit rape', 'with intent to commit robbery', 'with intent to commit serious bodily harm' or 'with a dangerous or deadly weapon':

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Well to be honest it was a fight and it was a punch thats all so maybe I will be ok .

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moral turpitude

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