I travel next week to the U.S with a criminal record without a visa

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DevilRed | 21:37 Wed 09th Jun 2010 | Travel
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Will I get in I have a visa waiver which I filled in thinking I was ok but I've since found out I misread a question . My record is from over 10 years ago and people keep telling me not to worry as they wont stop me on entry but what do people think ?


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Well I am just back from the states over 2 weeks ago. I went with a visa waiver all properly filled in and they took no notice of it whatsoever.
I've answered variations on this question over 400 times on AB now, so I think I can save myself some typing here ;-)

Please see my post here:
(It's the second part of my two-part post that is particularly relevant to you).

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So people would advise I just travel on the waiver and keep my mouth shut .

To be honest I have no choice there is no point putting myself through so much panic is there .

If anyone else has been of late with a criminal record let me know please .
You've answered your own question. You can't do anything about it this late in the day.
go for it. Unless your record involves terrorism or Mafia membership, nobody's going to know.
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So we have nobody who has travelled in the last 6 months who can shed some light on the situation ?

The key questions being

what do they ask you when you arrive ?

Will they access my record on a computer ?

will I be in border control for a long period ?

If nobody can answer these can I please have more links to people's questions on the subject .
if only you'd paid as much attention to the VW form.

you're going to be qing at border control for anything from 30mins to 2 hrs. they're slow, and they take their time. The officials are glum, they won't smile or joke, it's all business with them. They look for nervous or edgy people.
standars q's are reason for visit, where are you dtaying, how long for, how much money do you have.
your appsport has no info on any crimes, but the ESTA is forwarded so they have time to check if they are bothered. I know people with numerous convictions who've strolled through.
I also know a fella who was stopped and spent 8hrs in detention waiting for a return flight.
in this day and age, who knows what info is shared with the US.
you've no choice but to go, remain calm, and take your chances
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Anymore people know of people who have made it through ?
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Anyone got any info on what information ESTA pass on to the u.s border control officials ?

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I travel next week to the U.S with a criminal record without a visa

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