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vindi48 | 08:49 Thu 27th May 2010 | Travel
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Because Norwich isn't full of tractor boys?
no tractor boys are mainly the football supporters
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too right! we have nicer seasides
That's not the most detailed question I've ever seen!

I live in that area,so if you require information about Ipswich please post again and I'll be happy to answer your question.

I would also be happy to answer anything I can about it if the question is asked (seeing as it's not far from me either)
This must be the same person who posted "Nothing".
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Wow! so much interest in a question which wasn't asked makes me wonder at the number of responses if my digit hadn't hit the wrong key. Let's try again!!

Having looked at Ipswich hotels in Trip Advisor for an October stay, several state ".. a car park may be available..." In supposing staff haven't looked out a window lately to check a multistorey hasn't been built where the car park was without their knowing, can anyone please tell me which central hotel will certainly have a car park please - no cost of course Thanks in advance..
Ipswich is an historic town, with a street plan laid out in mediaeval times, so the few hotels which are in the central area generally don't have car parks.

The only hotel which is in easy walking distance of the town centre, with its own car park, is the Novotel (but you still have to pay for car parking):

However the brand new Ramada Encore might be worth considering. It's close to the rail station, which is 12 minutes walk from the town centre. Although their on-site car-parking is charged at £5 per day, they'll be offering complimentary off-site car parking from 1st June:

The Melverley Heights Guest House is also worth considering:

That, I regret to report, is probably your lot!

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Grateful thanks Chris/Buenchico, especially for the www sites. Have checked all and it seems I will need to bite the bullet and pay at Novotel where the room rates are lower than most and include breakfast.

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