Mediterranean speedboats made of wood

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lacmag3 | 23:25 Sun 23rd May 2010 | Travel
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Does anyone know the name of the sleek wooden speedboats seen all over the mediterranean?


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I think it's a Riva ... http://www.classicdri...ine/3800.asp?id=12901
23:35 Sun 23rd May 2010
Is this what you mean ... Riva Aquarama... http://www.classicboa...-34f-2006-039-8in.jpg
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Thanks alavahalf, that is exactly the type of boat I mean, but are they given a generic name?
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Thanks alavahalf, I'm off to explore all I can about Riva.
Saw a show on Discovery channel about those boats and I recall they were all handmade, fetch a nice few quid too
You would get change from 400,000 from this one...

Yeah,Riva. I was racking my brains for the name but got beaten to it !
Featured in a James Bond film but I forget which one.
I once restored an old wooden classic ... never again..!
Anyone interested .. just keep clicking on older posts.
It's a blog I kept to help with the sale.

I can see why : )
More filler than the M4 ; )

Nice old boat, tho.
When the boat went for sale I had 1860 watchers.

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Mediterranean speedboats made of wood

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