Would I need to speak any french in Disneyland Paris?

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BlueMaze | 16:31 Tue 23rd Feb 2010 | Travel
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Haven't been there for ages, and that was when I was a kid. Going there for 3 nights in April and staying at one of the Disneyland hotels. Apart from taking a small dictionary, was wondering if I'd need to worry about learning some of the basics at all as I may also use the Metro (trains) there on one of the days to see the Eiffel Tower and shop somewhere too. Thanks.


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If you're only going for 3 nights, a phrase book should be enough. As far as Disneyland is concerned, (I've never been) I suspect that your English will get you through quite well.
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Thanks bookbinder, I thought so too. As it's a very international area considering the many tourists that visit I should probably be fine in Disneyland. Was planning to look up a few useful phrases anyway in case I need it when travelling into central Paris.
Dont wanna be racist but they'll pretend they dont understand you anyway even if your french is good!
In DLP you won't need to know any French, however knowing a basic hello and goodbye is polite IMO =)

If you are staying on site and using Marne La Vallee st for your Paris trip, then you won't need French there either

pourquoi j'ayez besoin d'une pipe?
ganesh, les Français sont loin moins grossiers que vous êtes!
a single ticket from marne-la-vallee to central paris is EUR6,55. for EUR18,90, you can buy a 1 day "paris visite" ticket which is valid on the RER, metro and buses, and gives you discounts at a number of attractions. go to select "english" and click on "paris visite".
This is from a website specifically devoted to questions & answers about Disneyland Paris (but not a Disney site).

What language do they use?
The park's official languages are French and English, and signs are multilingual, as are the guidebooks. Hotel reception desks and park information points should be able to attend you in French, English, German, Spanish, Italian and now Dutch. However, the simplest answer appears to be to use whatever language you want! Cast members have flags on their name-tags which should give you an indication of which languages they are fluent in. When we [Tom] first arrived, we tried to use our meagre French (poorly remembered from school). Unfortunately, the cast- members would assume we were French and would rattle on to us in French leaving us totally bewildered! We soon found it easier just to speak in English. Note that this is exactly the opposite in Paris where we found we were made far more welcome if we just tried to make ourselves understood in French initially
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Thanks everyone, some great advice and the websites you've provided are really helpful, especially Mr Veritas's link. To those french responses, if you must know my french is pretty rough - but I'm sure you meant well, LOL. Thanks again.
if staying in the Disney complex you dont need any French at all, if venturing outside this area then you will need basic French or a guide book in English.
No you don't need french in Disneyland and most places (except cafés...!!) speak English in Paris. But as said, a bonjour and a au revoir never comes in wrong.
Cheaper than a Paris Visite ticket is the Mobilis ticket. From Marne la vallee it costs 13,20€ and you use it on train, metro, buses, trams and some RERs all day, even the funicular to get upto the Sacré Coeur..
> But as said, a bonjour and an au revoir never come in wrong.

Nor a "merci" or a "s'il vous plaît".

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