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shelby45 | 09:19 Fri 16th Oct 2009 | Travel
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I was thinking of getting a prepayment visa card to help me save for my holiday to Turkey next year. If I pay in pounds sterling, when in Turkey can I use it like any other visa card and be able to use at a cash point??


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yes, you'd be able to use the card in a cash point, but you'd incur charges.

we sell these at the post office, but only in £, US$, or Euro's.
If you buy and load up a sterling card, then use it in Turkey to take Lira out of a cashpoint you'd have to pay a conversion charge (around 2%). Still not a bad option, as it's a great, secure way to take your travel money, but obviously better for the Euro countries, or the USA.

Another option would be to buy travellers cheques each could buy £ ones (they come in £20, £50 and £100's) then change them up on holiday commission free.
oops. meant to say, Thom Cook etc also do these cards, but I'm pretty sure nobody does a Turkish Lira card.
If you find anyone that does, let us all know

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prepayment visa card

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