Gazebo beach dinner on a tropical island paradise.

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Barquentine | 21:11 Fri 21st Aug 2009 | Travel
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I am thinking about proposing to my girlfriend on a tropical island and would like some ideas about the best tropical island to travel to. The Seychelles look fantastic but accommodation there is beyond my means right now! Also - how would I go about arranging a beach dinner in a private gazebo? Is that going to be preposterously expensive? Has anyone done that already? All suggestions welcomed. Thank you.


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we stayed at the Pinapple Beach resort on Antigua and there is a wooden gazebo up on the peninsila above the private beach and it would be amazing there!! 242-d150657-Reviews-Grand_Pineapple_Beach_Club -Antigua_Antigua_and_Barbuda.html
Have you thought about Sri Lanka? gorgeous beaches and some of the mosy helpful people in te world I'm quite sure that if you talked to the manager of the hotel he would make sure you got a very special experience. My partner had his 70th birthday in Beruella and I asked the hotel for a special surprise for him Well bed was covered in flowers spelling out his name, balloons and streamers were strung around our bungalow and a beautiful birthday cake and small nicely wrapped gift arrived at our dinner table The charge? �0 just a smiling "It was our priveledge to have you spend his barthday with us" Nice
Just returned rom Lizard Island (Voyages Group) in Australia which is perfect for honeymoons - no mobile coverage, no tv's just long lazy days on the beach, wonderful snorkelling and super food.

We dined on the beach one evening even though we have been married many years and in our 50's and it was extremely romantic.

Check it out and have a week in Sydney whilst you're at it!

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Gazebo beach dinner on a tropical island paradise.

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