Do I need a passport to fly with Ryan Air from England to Dublin?

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diggerman | 21:33 Thu 02nd Jul 2009 | Travel
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Do I need a passport to fly with Ryan Air from England to Dublin?
I am flying in August and I have been told by a friend that I will now need a passport to fly with Ryan Air to Dublin, Ireland I have always used my Photo Id as I have no passport,

I looked on Ryan Airs website and I can not see anything about needing a passport.

Any help please?


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Do you have a British passport?

Ireland is outside Britain ... which is what your passport is for.
i would expect so, Dublin is in an EU country but so is Spain and you need a passport to go there.
Yes, but you do not require a passport to enter the Republic of Ireland from the UK. You can just walk over the border from Northern Ireland if you want to.

However carriers like Ryan Air insist all their passengers have suitablr photo ID, even if you are flying only within the UK.
Last time I went with Ryanair, they asked me to provide "Advanced Passenger Information". In other words, a document number, name, DOB, expiry date of document, and place where document was issued, and DOCUMENT TYPE. If travelling within the E.U. you should be able to use your photo ID or Photocard driving licence.
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I have no passport, and I have always flown with Ryan Air from England to Ireland on several occasions using my uk driving licence and never had a problem.

My friend says this has now changed you can no longer use a driving licence photo ID and you must now use a passport.

Any ideas please
RyanAir technically will until Oct 2009, but others have reported issues with them insisting on a passport anyway; photoid assport id&quest=licences id&quest=photoid

It seems like you need a passport or National ID card (which I don't think we have in the UK, but many European countries do). It's phasing out driving licences.
Pigleton is correct, according to the Ryan Air website.
maybe you should take both, experiment with them and see what happens and if they insist on a passport let them think for 5 minutes that you don't have one and then produce one, it might be quite interesting to see their level of customer service skills in action for real instead of the patronising way they come across on the tv show
We have a special arrangement with the Republic of Ireland regards travelling there, it's only on airlines that you have trouble. On ferries or comingfrom N. Ireland, you just need photo ID.

On net, some people have been complaining about Ryanair and photo ID, so it might be wise to get a definite answer from Ryanair.
fly with aer lingus then

far better company

check their website for id requirements

they are the bmw to ryanairs skoda

you get what you pay for

ryanair are sh�te
A UK passport costs �72.

But it is valid for 10 years.
From the Ryaiair site:

PLEASE NOTE � passengers making new bookings from the 20th May 2009 onwards will no longer be able to select to check-in at the airport and therefore will be unable to book flights and use their driving licence as photo-id.

From the 1st October 2009 driving licences will NO LONGER be an acceptable travel document on Ryanair flights

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Dzug can you give me a link to where you saw that info please, thank you
It's in the link I posted above (hence why I posted them)
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found it thank you

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Do I need a passport to fly with Ryan Air from England to Dublin?

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