Cheapest way to send money to a Spanish bank account

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persianlady | 20:32 Sun 28th Jun 2009 | Travel
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I have to pay rent for a villa directly in to the owners bank account.. When I sent the deposit months ago via my own bank (Halifax) they charged me �19.50 for 190 euros. Is there a cheaper way please?


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For more on marking an answer as the "Best Answer", please visit our FAQ. a company like this** may help? Not sure if it's a better deal, but worth investigating web site.

I know people use them for paying for accommodation or overseas mortgages. I believe you can do one-off payments.

**I admit they are around the corner from me and I do know a lot of people who work there, that's why I said company like them as I'm sure there are others.
Will they accept paypal? That is really easy if it is set up, and no extra charges.
western union opr moneygram

problem is they all charge you.

and why shouldnt they as theyre businesses after all.

everyone charges something.youre sending money thousands opf miles .it cant be free

even paypal charge.

puzzled wont paypal charge the recipient?

and also they cant get access to the money immediately
if i remember correctly it takes 4 or 5 working days to remove from your paypal account.

so youd need to pay extra to allow for the charges im guessing
Yes . I paid for accomodation with paypal and pay pal charged the landlord �18.20 . The landlord took it off the security deposit before he refunded the security deposit to me.
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Thanks for those answers. I was not expecting to get it for free. I was assuming that I would pay around 10% like last time. So �90 seemed a bit excessive. However, I have just phoned the bank and they said it would only cost �19.50 for the balance of the rental (�850)which is ok. dont know why I didn't just phone the bank in the first place,doh!

Thanks again
Banks generally charge a fixed fee rather than a %. You might find one a � or two cheaper - but hardly worth hunting around unless you are doing it regularly

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Cheapest way to send money to a Spanish bank account

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