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jane stojkiw | 16:41 Wed 06th May 2009 | Travel
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Hi We are going on honeymoon on 1st September, we have a budget of �3.000 Any ideas? I have been to Dominican republic, Barbados, Turkey, Spain, Cyprus, Germany, Other half wants to go back to Barbados to his grandpas house out there, but the flights alone are expensive and we would then be self catering ( on honeymoon ) Phew sick of looking for something exciting and all inclusive for sept. Any ideas would be appreciated Jane


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Jane:- We are have been to Goa(india) for the last 3 yrs & find it fasinating. Flights are direct from Man/ London and �3000 could buy you alot of fun . Hot nearly all the year round and beaches are the ones always shown on tv( white sands etc) .Booze is very cheap & standard of hotels vary from 5star to 1star & from all inclusive to b&b.The cost of living their is so cheap that inclusive is a waste. All things are negoitable and haggling is required.Shoes/spices/copy goods are everywhere people are pro british and partly christian... See the churches in Old Goa.... Great Vlue
Croatia is not so far away, but is gorgeous, and very romantic, I think! I've been twice and would go again at the drop of a hat. Obviously it's not cheap, especially now, but �3000 would be more than enough to enjoy yourself. The first time I went, they were very happy to see the English going back, and the next time they were still happy!
Eygpt , Kenya, Tanzania, Dubai

Depends what you call exciting.

My best friend's brother is off on honeymoon to Kenya and Tanzania middle of September - quite action packed and that's under �3k
I hear Mexico is cheap at the moment ;-)
lol @ Squarebear
Why not try a cruise.? Alot of younger people go on them these days as well as older ones. Then you can see a different country each day. We didnt think we would like them but are hooked on them now.
Prague is always interesting and nice weather that time of year. Also Budapest, Hungary has a lot to see and do.

I think there is a cruise that runs from Prague to Budapest on the Danube is you are interested in a cruise also.
i hate self catering when on holiday. but if you do come to Barbados, the island is not that huge - so you can order, or just take a trip to oistins, moontown, st. lawrence or even sandy lane. just make each outing an experience is different cuisine
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Thank you all for your suggestions I thought of Mexico first,hmm then the outbreak, lol !! The Barbados house is on Sandy Lane already. We may still go there, found some flights at �415.00 each, not bad. Jane

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