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teacher1 | 16:07 Thu 19th Feb 2009 | Travel
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Does anybody know how to get in touch with the above ? Thanks


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Thanks Zacsmaster, but I really wanted to bypass Customer Relations. Thans again.
Managing Directors dont just sit around waiting for letters of complaint from customers (assuming you have a complaint).

If you did write to the MD the letter would be opened by a secretary or PA and be passed straight to the "complaints" department so the MD will never see it.

I am sure any company that runs holidays get sackfulls of letters of complaint so it has to be very special for anyone high up to notice it.

A far better way to get the attention of a "top boss" in a company is to get the newspapers or TV involved, through a program like BBC's Watchdog or your local paper.

Companies hate bad publicity and would rush to get a spokesperson to issue a statement to defend the company.
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Thanks both
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I take back my rating for you Zacsmaster. There is no need for comments like that. Obviously you weren't taught correctly.
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It was a simple query ........ I took your answer on board, but there was no need for the other cheeky reply.
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Why should I bother answering ...... you'll only bring up some other stupid remark ! Goodbye.
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This is their registered office

Thomas Cook Group plc
The Thomas Cook Business Park
Coningsby Road
United Kingdom

+44 (0)1733 417100

You can find a list of their senior management here sp?p=TCGHEMSENIORBIO
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After reading some of your other posts / replies, I now realise that your social education was not up to scratch. Those are my last words on this subject !
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Thank you ever so much Hazel104 for that information. Thanks again
Not a problem.
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| Board of Directors | Harriet Green OBE – Group Chief Executive Officer
Harriet Green OBE – Group Chief Executive Officer

Registered Office
Thomas Cook plc
6th Floor South
Brettenham House
Lancaster Place

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Thomas Cook Managing Director

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