Travelling to Greece & Turkey

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cgolding | 19:56 Tue 17th Feb 2009 | Travel
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Does anyone know what type of electric power they have their. i will be travelling from Canada.


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in turkey the adaptor you need is a two pin plug type lke europe.
whereabouts in turkey are u going i can recommend olu deniz (fantastic blue lagoon and side (apollos temple) and old ampithearter breathtakingly stunning .
have fun.
The power supply in Greece is 220 V AC at 50 Hz. You may require an adapter for the round two-pin sockets in use in Greece. You may also need a voltage dropper if you are on 110 v in Canada.
Power cuts are not uncommon!
Have been to the islands and to the mainland and it's beautiful.
Go to Rhodes if you get a chance - it's one of the best holiday destinations in the Med.
Enjoy your holiday
When travelling from Canada (with its nominal 120V, 60Hz supply) to anywhere outside of the Americas you'll always need a device which incorporates a transformer (rather than just a simple plug adapter) because the rest of the world uses supplies with nominal voltages between 220V and 240V. (Obviously that won't apply if you're using a device which can operate on the higher voltages but there aren't many of those).

For most types of electrical appliances normally used by travellers the different frequencies (60Hz and 50Hz) shouldn't make any great difference but a few devices might not operate properly.

For a list of the world's electrical supplies, with pictures of the types of plugs which are in use, see here:


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Travelling to Greece & Turkey

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