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simcoc | 17:34 Tue 17th Feb 2009 | Travel
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My Fiance and I are getting married in August and instead of asking for presents, we want to ask for money towards our honeymoon. Our guests would ideally give their donations to our Travel Advisor who we booked our honey moon through. Sorry for rambling on but what I am getting at is, when we send out our invites, we want to put a little poem inside to explain that we already live together and have all the things we need, but if anyone wants to give then they could contribute towards our honeymoon !! Just dont know how to do it without sounding cheeky !!! Thank you in advance for anyone who can help out.


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We haven't got a wedding list,
The reasons we'll explain
It's to save you all the hassle
As shopping is a pain.

We thought we'd ask you all
For something else instead
A small contribution towards
A holiday in the med.

So if you'd like to contribute
Towards our honeymoon
We offer you our heartfelt "Thanks!"
With love, the Bride & Groom.

ello arsey

long time no see

leg x
my friend did this and I thought it was cheeky. If they did not ask I would have no doubt quite happily given them a cheque or something as knew they did not need anything for their home. At the same time another friend was getting married and as they did not need anything for their house they set up a 'Giving' site with McMillan Cancer as it was close to their heart. Many people not only donated to the site but they gave the couple some money/gifts etc too. You could set up something with your travel agent and then if people ask 'what can I get you' then direct them to your travel agent but if you are lucky enough not to need anything then I think it is wrong to include something with your invitations.
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Dear joannie10

Firstly can I just say that I think the McMillan Cancer Support is a fantastic organisation.

In reply to the rest of your thread though, we did not ask if people thought we were cheeky or not.

Many moons ago people tended to get married before living together hence the traditional giving of household items and people actually sending out price lists! These days most people live together before they get married and do not need things for the house. So basically, this is ok to do but asking for donations towards our honeymoon isn't?!

I would personally much rather be straight up about what we needed and not use a charity donation to smokescreen asking for funds towards our honeymoon. If people want to give to charities then I am sure they will without being prompted.

Don't get me wrong, we are not adverse to helping worthwhile charities and we give up our time to do so.

As for the other replies, thank you very much, we especially like the first poem from rcl1!

you asked in your thread how to ask for money for your honeymoon without sounding cheeky! I think it is cheeky to do this. I think it is cheeky to put in a request for anything along with your invitation. I have not said that you are wrong to request money towards your honeymoon if people ask 'what can we get you' but in my opinion you are wrong to put this request in with your invitation. My friend did not use a Charity donation to smokescreen asking for money towards her honeymoon - she actually gave her money to the charity and did not ask for anything for her honeymoon!

Well done you for your charity work!

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Wedding Gifts - Honeymoon Vouchers

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