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cyrilbiker2 | 09:18 Wed 23rd Jul 2008 | Travel
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We are going to Australia for 4 wks for our sons wedding. WIll there be any advantage in taking travellers cheques in USA$? Any suggestions as to the best way of taking our spending money? Thanks for any advice Cyrilbiker


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No advantage whatever in taking $US whether cash or TCs - you will be paying two lots of conversion fees.

If you must take TCs take $OZ ones.

As a generalisation, the best way is to get cash with your debit card and spend on your credit card.
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Thks Dzug for the info. I have adopted your suggestion 100%. taking a small sum of A$ as a starter. It has shut my wife up who has been on about getting all these travellers chxs. Cyrilbiker

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Holiday money

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