Meal prices in USA/Canada

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ruthread | 21:53 Tue 15th Jul 2008 | Travel
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Going to USA/Canada in September. Can anyone tell me, roughly, how much to budget per day for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

Thank you


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I guess it depends the type of place you like eating. Those sort of diners are that cheap. Having just returned from the NW states, we were spending about $25 per person for a decent two course evening meal, including gratuity, Breakfast was $7-$10. Don't do lunch - too filling.
from memory, Canada's prices are much the same (and the Canadian dollar is almost identical to the US dollar at the moment), but I'm not sure you get the same range of chains like Ponderosa, so you may be eating more in fancier restaurants. Somewhere between $10 and $25 depending.
if you stick with the chain places as suggested the prices are about what others have listed. Though eating out has increased a bit here due to fuel prices and rising energy costs.
Some fave chains: Olive Garden, Chili's and The Outback
Where I am we do not have a lot of chains for breakfast but a few are Denny's, I-HOP and of course McDonalds. A diner is great for breakfast too and cheap to boot.
oh yes, Outback Steakhouses, they are wunnerful (in fact I also found one in Hong Kong)
Unfortunately, Outback Steak House has hit on hard times, at least in selected areas and have closed a lot of their restaurants. A good replacement and probably 10% cheaper is Texas Roadhouse... very informal (you get a big bucket of in-shell salted peanuts which you can eat waiting for your steak... throw the shells on the floor). Additionally, watch for Golden Corral which is a fairly new buffet chain with excellent food for a gorge joint.
One can eat very well for the quoted $25 to maybe $30 per day. An occasional splurge for supper should budget perhaps $30 per adult...nothing really fancy but suitable...
Welcome to the U.S., by the way!
Don't forget that you have to add 20% to the cost for the tip which always is a hidden extra cost.
Actually, I'd respectfully disagree with auntiebertie (something about disagreeing with Aunts that makes me nervous) but here in the U.S., the tip is generally not added into the cost of the meal. The exception would be if a large group (over 8 to 10 or so) is being served. Even then, a notice is usually posted on the menu or at the Maitr'e D's station to that effect. Commonly, good service elicits about a 15% tip while above average service would be about 20%. At small town restaurants, 10 to 12% is more common...
try the snails yum yum
Hi Ruthread
We're off to Canada in September too - see you there !! Seriously, as previously stated, it's about the same in Canada as the US. Service normally outstrips that in the UK (surprise, surprise) - one place I would highly recommend is "Earl's", a chain in Canada. Google it and you will can find a list of locations. Not cheap but wonderful service, food and atmosphere. Have a great trip.

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Meal prices in USA/Canada

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