Visa for entering Turkey

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buildersmate | 20:33 Thu 10th Jul 2008 | Travel
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British passport holders entering Turkey for a holiday require a tourist visa. One way of dealing with this is at the port of entry, when a "sticker-type entry visa" (the exact terminology from the Turkish Consulate) may be applied for. Can anyone who has done this method tell me whether one needs to also provide a passport-sized photo at the same time? (I am not asking about the visa applied for at the Consulate, which definitely needs a photo)


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I haven't been to Turkey for about three years but unless things have changed you don't apply in advance. You pay at the airport and have your passport (it may be stickers now) It costs �10 and must be a Bank of England note. they don't accept notes from scottish or Irish banks. It's really simple you just queue and pay when you come off the plane.
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Thanks for that - very appreciated.
So a supplementary question. Who knows anything about the currency options when paying for this? The family member doing this will be passing access the border from Bulgaria with a British passport in about 2 weeks time and is not in possession of pounds - only Euros and whatever they use in Bulgaria. Thanks.
I went in June. Just give your passport and �10 cash to official in custom area. Bob's your uncle. No photo needed.

And.... if you go back very soon I think the visa lasts 3 months.
Sorry should read question properly..... Where I was in Turkey all prices were in Euros and Lira.Seemed pretty interchangable but why not just keep some �10 notes with you anyway?
Bulgaria uses Lev and don't htink turkey would accept this as they want a more solid currency but don't think there would be any problem with Euros as they accept them readily for everything else
I think the acceptable currency depends on your nationality - what that means for Bulgarians I've no idea but I think Americans pay in $$ for example. The amount charged may well be set according to the perceived richness of the country involved.

It's a tourist tax by another name.
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Yes, it does Dzug - the price quoted in $$ for Americans is $50.
So it looks like Euros is OK and no photo required - unless anyone else knows different?

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Visa for entering Turkey

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