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jaguar07 | 17:05 Tue 08th Jul 2008 | Travel
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I have read that from January 09 the us are going to be asking us to provide our personal details 72 hours before arriving into their country.Does this mean that they will now be able to access criminal records or will the eu law stand that they can't


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Time to secure your records in your jaguar!
how many times do we have to answer this, the US customs do not and will not have general access to uk criminal records,now or in the future,all this is,is to check that your name does not appear on their terroist,drug running or serious crime lists.of wanted they can be caught before entering the country.
They do this at present - a minimum of 24 hours I believe.
The mooted change to 72 hours presumably gives more time to investigate their sources for possible troublemakers.
did you watch "Golden Balls" on tv the other day when a contestant stated that him and 36 mates booked a trip to Vegas [ presumably to watch the Hatton fight ?] and when they changed planes in Boston guess how many were refused entry ?
30 of them, due to criminal records, only 7 made it to Vegas !!!!!
The Magniicent 7 maybe ????????
nae luck there then eh!!! crime doesnt pay after all!!! *******
Why are there so many ABers with criminal is now compulary?!??!
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No I didn't see Golden Balls,If there is any truth that that US cannot access our criminal records then how did they know of these 30?!
Does anybody know of anyone that has been refused admission?
I know several people with criminal records [ honest to goodness theives and offenders no druggies LOL] who have just ticked the correct boxes on the waiver card and sailed through, but like the UK airports they have hidden cameras to watch you every step of the way from plane to arrivals and they are looking for body languauge signals to pick you out, so act normal stand in the queue dont get "smart" as they say, answer yes or no, then smile and say thank you when they stamp your passport and say go and try not to breathe boozy fumes all over the passport control man.
good luck.
no, I think they just want the usual details, only sooner. Countries like Australia (where you get an online visa) already do pretty much the same.
The USA can check ANYBODIES details from the UK PNC.

Your visa form is like a lottery card, if your unlucky to be checked then it's a no no to your vacation !

We the UK however let ANYONE in regardless of crime.

The convicted rapist and thug Mike Tyson is allowed to enter this country as he wishes, and he even works here from time to time.
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code 1-nobody has ever submitted that the usa has acces to our pnc-how do you know?
Jaguar7 - they probably ticked the YES box on the form

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