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lidlicker | 10:54 Tue 08th Jul 2008 | Travel
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A friend is going to the Pomorie Hotel in Sunny Beach and was wondering what it is like. I have seen reviews pre Bulgaria joining the EU, but has anyone been recently?
She doesn't have access to a computer and I said I would ask Answerbank on her behalf.
Any information on this hotel, or Sunny Beach would be appreciated.


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Lidlicker, will give your friend the answers she needs. Hate to say it but it doesn't look too good.
I went pre EU to Sunny Beach and I have to say- despite my reservations- it was one of the best holidays I have ever had.The people have to be the friendliest I have had the pleasure to meet and the grub was good and we couldnt spend our money -will be different now but I would really recommend it.

Our hotel was like Stalag 13 but even that didnt dampen the holiday -hotels were sprouting up all over the place so the one I was in has probably been demolished now lol !!

If you dont enjoy Sunny Beach i'll eat my hat !!!
My friend went to Sunny beach last summer and couldn't find anywhere at all that the food was edible! She lost weight while she was out there as she wasn't able to eat and she's not usually fussy about food!
I stayed at the Pomorie 3 years ago on an allocation on arrival. It was OK but we had been fortunate to be put in the 4star part of the hotel. Lots of complaints from people in 3star (most of whom had paid more than us). We had no problems with food but only ate once in the hotel as lots of places around and it's right at the beach. Sunny Beach isn't that big and you can walk or use the little trains. Got ripped off in a taxi so watch out for that. The rep told us it wasn't safe to go outwith the resort but we did with no problems. Nessebur is lovely and very near. Only change your money in a hotel or bank as again you'll be ripped off. Balkan Airlines left a lot to be desired. Overall though we enjoyed our holiday and know people who go back year after year. hope you enjoy your stay.

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sunny beach, bulgaria

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