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chazza | 14:04 Thu 29th May 2008 | Travel
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How long does it take for a UK renewal passport to be processed and returned? Assuming it has been checked for errors before being hand delivered to the passport office?

And how about a replacement for a lost passport? With a police report etc?


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I've just got my renewed passport. Had it checked at the Post Office & sent by them - it took exactly 2 weeks (including weekends & bank holiday. My husbands was done a week before & took 10 days (no bank holiday)
Sorry, missed the bit about handed in person to passport office.
If you are going to hand deliver it why not make an appointment and wait for it?

If you use the PO passport checking scheme they guarantee it is back in 2 weeks
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Thanks everyone. It's already been handed into the passport office so i can't make an appointment and wait for it. Anyway wouldn't that be more expensive?
Probably, but then that depends on how desperate you are for it ;-P
Between 1 and 3 weeks to the first question. Probably nearer the lower end.

To the second - no idea.
The postal check is only a check and send service it DOES NOT guarantee a 2 week turnaround, this is a fairly busy time if you need it quickly I would suggest you make an appointment / pay for the fast-track service.
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Thanks all, we don't need it quickly, not desperate, have plenty of time, was just wondering how long it takes
afternoon everyone.
I work in a post office branch, and have to say what Maidon siad is correct - we can't guarantee the 2 week turnaround - it's an expected time.
You have to take into account how busy the IPS are, and if it's a 1st appliaction, replacing a lost one, or a simple renewal.
Usual turn round time is 2 weeks - my daughters was back in a week.
!st appliactaions can take 6 weeks, as you may be called in for an interview - rare at the moment, but is is a possibility.
At the moment, we're checking around 30 a week, and mine's a samll office. When I was in London, we'd send off 15-20 apps per day.

Best thing to remember is you can carry over 9months from 1 pasport to another, so get your appliaction in early - you won't lose out.

Oh, and if the guy in the post office tells you the froms filled in wrong, or the photo's aren't right, we're following the IPS guidelines, not being jobsworths :)
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Thanks. It was a replacement for a lost passport, handed to the passport office, not the post office.

It arrived this weekend, two and a half weeks after handing it in
Then I think all PO's should be told this - not have one PO saying one thing and another PO saying another
This is what I was told in mine when I used check and send
It was back in less than 2 weeks
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