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melody2002 | 18:04 Wed 11th Aug 2004 | Travel
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Renewal due again so asked my last insurance co. for renewal and amount gone up �60.00. I have 7 years NCB have never had an accident, been driving 15 years etc. Does anyone know why if you keep your car insurance with the same company they put the amount up? Surely, it should go down due to the fact my NCB has increased, and I've proved in another 12 months, that I'm safe behind the wheel?


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I know the feeling, I tried N.U. (quote me happy) and saved loads. I think it is the ever rising car crime forcing up the premiums, so they say! I think the max no claims is less (in years) than it used to be so you're probably not getting any more discount this year. Shop around for a better deal.
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Yeah, its a nightmare, Budget was really cheap last year and this year shocking! Norwich Union were expensive - cheapest I've found is Halifax and Esure for this year. Thanx Country-boy - maybe someone out there knows why - probably all these dodgie people who don't insure their cars make our premiums go up as well. Maybe the fine I get for NOT insuring my car, will be cheaper than the insurance. He he he........
I heard N.U. were really expensive last year, that's why they're so cheap this year... trying to get their business back! Give them a go, but beware the excess may be higher than usual. Good luck!
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No, NU price was �452.00 (last year was �283!) Halifax are cheapest so far with �295.00.
Blimey! It must be cos I live in the sticks then! Have you tried elephant on the web?
I find Tesco is the cheapest.
Uninsured drivers do push up premiums (a lot) for us mugs who pay for insurance. And yes the fine is likely to be less than the cost of the premium. Challenge the quote, and shop it around as well. I find Churchill are cheapest for me. By the way I am not advocating not having insurance. It's not big and it's not clever!!
I remember one year ALL insurance premiums went up by 30%. This was due to the increased number of claims (flood damage, car accidents, etc). Why should they bear the cost out of their pockets when you can pay it for them. Another increase was due to the tax the goverment put on insurance policies.
It's weird I reckon that different insurance companies are better for different people. My insurance is due for renewal in 4 days and I've found Diamond to be the cheapest. I will give N.U a try and Halifax but I doubt I will get a better deal.
Insurance quotes are a joke - three of us in the office have called the same company for quotes on two new pickup trucks for the business - we provided identical information re drivers ,vehicle and use and hade quotes varying from �1400 to �900 all in the same day!

Can you believe that a Nissan pickup truck is group 18 by the way?
Try ringing your insurance company and asking for a quote but don't tell them you're already a customer. Sometimes they will quote new customers lower because they want the new business.
Try Admiral on-line. They were much cheaper than my old insurance. Actually these days most companies will give you an on-line quote - it's just a case of comparing them all.
im in the same boat and recently saw an advert on TV for they search all major insurance companies for u it takes about an hour then they email u. I found it to be rather cheap my insurance last year with Norwich union was �390 and found me a quote for �220 and thats including a driving conviction. Good Luck

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